Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Times.....they are a changin....

So, I guess if you wait long enough to post the happenings in your life, they change even more??!!  That can be said for the Massey fam for sure.  It has been awhile since I've posted.  So let's get to it.....  We have had fun with the following events lately...
**Hubs and I celebrated 18 years of married life...and I love him even more today than I did the day we married : )
**Hubs also celebrated another year of life : )  41...but who's counting anyway....and living daily with four women in the house.  Well, let's just say "bless his heart"!
**Spring Break -- the Massey family headed to the good ol' state of Tennessee.  Nashville, TN to be exact.  Hubs had a few things to do there at his corporate office (and we house hunted...more on that in a moment) so we girlies tagged along for fun.
**Easter....wonderful day celebrating our risen Savior.  Not that we don't celebrate this every day but we definitely love having a day to proclaim this even louder.  Now to make sure we focus on praising our God each and every day, during the good and the not-so-good moments.
**Girlies = haircuts, talent shows, family times, etc...  All good things, just busy life moments. 
**And our biggest news...saved for last.....we did house hunt during Spring Break for the reason that we have decided to move our family a bit south to be closer to J's corporate office in Nashville, Tennessee.  We sold our house in under 3 weeks here (wow!! thank you Lord!) and then found one down there in 3 days (even bigger wow and thank you Lord!).  We officially close on our new home this Friday and then move everything and everyone down there on 5/30.  While we are excited that God is leading us down there, we can't move without saying we are a bit sad as well.  We have family and wonderful friends here so being a little farther away from all of them will be hard, to say the least.  And our church family has been home to us for so many years as well.  But, God has a plan for us for this next season in our lives and who are we to second guess His plan??  I'm learning even more about patience and giving Him complete control.  Yes, I need alot of work in those areas : )  But I am so very thankful that He continues to teach me and love me, both at the same time!  I hope to use this blog even more when we move south.  And I promise to try and add a bit of southern charm in it to make it more interesting....  ; ) 

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